Chehab Gas



Chehab Industrial and Medical Gases provides comprehensive services for industrial plants,
covering everything from initial study to operation. Here’s a breakdown of our offerings:

Overall, the Plant Support Division at CIMG provides end-to-end support for industrial plants,
offering expertise and services at every stage of the plant life cycle to optimize performance,
reduce costs, and maximize value for their clients.

On the other hand, we suggest additional services which include designing and installing
advanced gas delivery systems, safety and technical training, process analysis, pipeline leak
detection, and purging and cleaning services. Besides that, we propose food testing services,
and profound assessment of specialty gases.

Throughout the years, CIMG has been working on developing its gas division sector with its
latest expansion in 2019, where we invested in renovation and extension of all filling stations
and upgraded the storage capacity for all gases, noting that the latest installation is an
additional 100 tons LCO2 storage tank in April 2019.

It’s impressive to see the range of additional services that CIMG offers, expanding beyond plant support to provide comprehensive solutions across various areas. Here’s a breakdown of these additional services:

Furthermore, CIMGs commitment to continuous improvement is evident through its investments
in expanding and upgrading its facilities. The renovation and extension of filling stations, as well
as the increased storage capacity for gases, demonstrate the company’s dedication to providing
superior service and meeting the growing needs of its customers.

Below are some examples of some interesting industrial projects that CIMG worked on:


Chehab Industrial and Medical Gases has been involved in over 90 medical projects in Lebanon, spanning from various regions from North to South, including Mount Lebanon, Bekaa, and Beirut. This extensive coverage demonstrates our company’s commitment to providing essential medical gases and services across the country.

The Chehab medical department provides comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities, ensuring the safety, comfort and efficiency of patient care. The range of offerings including bed head units, medical gases supplies, medical and specialty gases, hospital beds and nurse call systems demonstrates Chehab’s medical division’s commitment to being a one-stop solution provider for medical facilities. This holistic approach simplifies the procurement process for healthcare providers and ensures that they have access to essential equipment and gases necessary for their operations.

Below is a brief list of some noticeable medical projects that CIMG has undertaken:

Having supplied medical equipment and gases to well-known institutions like these, highlights CIMG’s reputation for reliability and quality within the medical industry. These partnerships with prestigious medical centers underscore our company’s commitment to supporting cutting-edge medical care and enhancing patient outcomes.

Continuing to collaborate with such esteemed institutions can further enhance CIMG’s standing as a leader provider of medical solutions and reinforce its position as a trusted partner in the medical sector.