Chehab Gas


Gas Division

CIMG serves more than 1500 key clients in all sectors. Our scope of work combines production, storage and supplying of the below:

On the other hand, we offer additional services which include designing and installing advanced gas delivery systems, safety and technical training, process analysis, pipeline leak detection, and purging and cleaning services. Besides that, we provide food testing services, and profound assessment of specialty gases. 


Throughout the years, CIMG has been working on developing its gas division sector with its latest expansion in 2019, where we invested in renovation and extension of all filling stations and upgraded the storage capacity for all gases, noting that the latest installation is an additional 100 tons LCO2 storage tank in April 2019.

Medical Network Division

A variety of medical gases are available from Chehab Medical Gases, including helium and oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, as well as carbon dioxide. We also offer services including gas system installation, maintenance, and testing, as well as medical gas equipment like regulators, flowmeters, and vacuum systems. With the knowledge of our experienced  professionals, we design, install and supply the following amenities for most of the hospitals in Lebanon which includes:

Respiratory & Homecare Division

Our Respiratory and Homecare division team is skilled in offering an impeccable service when organizing care at home for people with health conditions, adding to that the assistance that we provide for hospitals and clients as well. CIMG provides a wide range of healthcare and respiratory accessories listed below: 

Plant Support Division

The Plant Support Divison at CIMG can perform all related tasks from the initial study to operating whether greenfield or onsite plants.